About Us

The DI is a Ghanaian non-governmental, not-for-profit sustainable development organization with a branch registered in the United States, Minnesota. It was formed with the goal of creating an enabling environment for empowering Civil Society Organizations and communities to facilitate the linkage between micro and macro levels of society for sustainable development. The Ghana branch became fully operational in 2005 having met all the legal requirements in Ghana.

Our range of projects are being implemented around the beautiful lowlands including coastal areas and picturesque mountainous parts of the Volta Region of Ghana. We work in other regions as well through partnerships and in the process of expanding to Africa and other continents of the world.

The DI has been able to build a solid reputation in its first decade of existence focusing on building locals capacity and influencing policies for a secured, sustained forest resources and people's livelihoods. We have been consistent in our commitment to sustainable development in Ghana, ranging from the international level to the grass roots, believing that what matters is to make a lasting impact on the ground and to give a voice to those who are overlooked by global and national politics. 

Working in the changing dynamics and context of development initiatives, we have learned and unlearned along the way – to work towards a better and more inclusive future for the planet and its peoples. Our programmes are designed based on real needs as identified by the project beneficiaries and all relevant stakeholders. We thrive to deliver our projects in different ways, responding to particular circumstances of places, communities and individuals – ensuring that programs are adjusted to suit changing circumstances and realities.