Latest Updates

  • Sustainable Tourism Development in the Weto Mountains for the Ho West District

    Nico Beunders

    Prof. Tourism & Natural Resources

    On Thursday March 28th my boss and I did a presentation on sustainable tourism development in the Weto Mountains for the Ho West District. The District Chief Executive (DCE) had invited his key staff, some important chiefs from his district, Queen Mother Happy from the Honuta community and members of local development and tourism committees to his office. DCEs are extremely busy people, so the first surprise was that he had reserved the whole day for us! The DCE and Madame Happy are exceptional people with a real passion for sustainable development in their area.

  • Tree Seedling Nursery Establishment

    The Development Institute received supply of Cocoa pods from the COCOBOD seed production unit, located at Ampeyo in the Kadjebi District of the Volta Region. Five thousand (5000) Cocoa pods were delivered at Goviefe-Agordome and re-distributed to all the nursery communities namely Nyagbo- Kume, Dzogbefeme, Anfoeta-Tsebi, Biakpa, Nyagbo Sroe and Saviefe-Agorkpo. In addition to the Cocoa pods, Seventy three thousand and two hundred (73,200) nursery bags were distributed.         


  • Training of Community Fire Volunteers

    The Weto Mountains in times past was an area with rich plant and animal biodiversity as well as area noted for the cultivation of cocoa and coffee. In recent times the ecosystem has seen significant degradation due to population growth, unsustainable farming practices, non-functional environmental bye-laws and other anthropogenic activities.

  • Community Durbars

    The Development Institute holds community meetings with all communities in its project area. The meetings are mainly to create awareness and to educate community folks on the CREMA project and other environmental issues.