Why We Exist

Mission: To enable African communities to confront their development challenges with passion and commitment towards social stability and care for nature.

Vision: A secure and just world where individuals and communities are free to explore their potentials for the benefit of the society.

Aim & Objectives: The DI aim shall be the empowerment of individuals and civil society organizations to become active and useful partners in the socio-economic transformation in Africa. We would do this in the intent to:

  • Enhance human development training through life-long learning and education in global awareness including sustainable development.
  • Engage in sustainable peace building and community development programmes.
  • Promote services in research, policy analysis, dialogue and advocacy to all development partners.
  • Develop and engage in strategic partnerships with local, national, and international organizations, institutions, individuals, corporate bodies, etc.

Our Core Values and Beliefs

  • We believe that thinking globally and acting locally is fundamental to Sustainable Development. Our work is thus built on the foundations, inspirations, experiences and lessons learned from the global and local environment. Holding on to the relevant past, we affirm the present and see the future as a possibility.
  • We value personal honesty, integrity, team work, openness, commitment to service, consensus building and honouring diverse perspectives.