We recognize that the existing and emerging global challenges require fresh ideas, initiatives and innovations or new models of development to effectively and efficiently tackle them. We therefore seek and wish to engage students and professionals who have clear values and expertise added to our organizational goals and development. We offer the following programs:

Internship Program: We offer internship opportunities! The purpose is to offer undergraduate and/or graduate students in a field related to the work of The Development Institute and its Partners, the opportunity to supplement their academic knowledge with practical work on the field and to enable them to gain a profound understanding and knowledge of global issues in a local context. It is also intended to supplement our human resource base in research and addressing the challenges as identified by project need.

Our environmental internship projects are research oriented and therefore for longer term participants, 8+ weeks and only for adults 18+ years.

Volunteer Program: Our "Voluntary service is an exchange between an individual, or a group of individuals and a local community. The volunteer or group of volunteers offers time, energy and effort to a project of benefit to a community, and through this project the community offers to the volunteer or group of volunteers an opportunity for experimentation, learning and personal and collective development." – (Cotravaux, France)

The Volunteer Service Program is for all classes and groups of people: students, graduates, low skilled and highly skilled professionals, and for people who have retired from active work and are looking for opportunities to offer their time and energy towards a worthy cause.

For either volunteer or internship position, we will provide a job profile and a task description.

Custom Group Program: Custom group program are tailor-made for Schools, Universities and Corporate groups, Families, etc.! We can tailor our projects to suite your groups needs if you are interested in volunteering or doing internships abroad with us. 

We have some projects specific to groups but you can also choose from the variety of our projects. All you have to do is let us know which projects your group is interested in and we will design and tailor it to your interest, while matching your skills and interest with a community need. We will work with you to build community capacity, as well as give you a lifetime experience, both personally and professionally!

Please contact us via email - di@thedevin.org for more information if your group is interested in working abroad with us.