June 24, 2011

The Woadze Agricultural Case Study

From available information, climate change will affect the communities in the Dayi River Basin (DRB) as a result of:

i. Increasing temperatures,

ii. Rainfall variability and unpredictability and

iii. Draught.

The above climatic factors affect crop growth, development. While increasing temperatures and draught affects the physiology of the growing crops, rainfall variability and unpredictability make it difficult for farmers to plan farming operations to coincide with the coming in of the rains. This will give rise to crop failure hence food insecurity. In the absence of irrigation infrastructure in the Dayi River basin for supplementary irrigation, human misery will increase. (pop and economics). This condition has implication for hunger and increasing poverty of farmers. Women who form more than 50% of most communities in the basin and at the level of agro processing will be highly affected while out migration of the youth to the cities looking for non existence jobs will increase with resultant poor quality of life for them and attendant social problems

Climate Change Adaptation