June 24, 2011

Water resource planning in times of climate change

In recent decades, the precipitation in the Dayi basin has declined and rainy seasons shortened. This caused the baseflow of the Dayi River to decrease. This trend is likely to continue due to climate change. At the same time, the (agricultural) population is growing, and farmers are considering irrigation to deal with increasingly dry circumstances. To identify the sustainability of future water allocation for agriculture, the Water Evaluation Planning (WEAP) model is applied to the Dayi Basin. The model
and its outcome can support the Ghanaian Water Resources Commission in water resources planning. The starting point of the basin modeling is to establish and define the basic water
related elements of the Basin and their relations as they currently exist. This includes the specification of supply, demand and resource data, including information on dams and reservoirs, as extracted from sources such as the population census, satellite images and hydrological measurements. 

Climate Change Adaptation