June 24, 2011

Report on the General Physical Characteristic of River Dayi Basin., Volta Region in Ghana.

The Ghana Case of ADAPTS project began in 2008 in collaboration The Development Institute, a Ghanaian NGO and three Dutch partners; Both ENDS, the Institute for Environmental Studies,
and ACACIA Water. The ADAPTS project is being funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The overall aim of ADAPTS is to increase developing countries’ adaptive capacities by
achieving the inclusion of climate change and adaptation considerations in water policies, local planning and investment decisions. The ADAPTS is being implemented in five other developing
countries; Ethiopia, Botswana, Brazil, Peru and Vietnam. The Ghana Case is location is the River Dayi Basin. This report is about the General physical characteristic in the River Dayi
Basin. The Dayi River Basin (DRB) is a sub-basin of the Volta River Basin (VRB). This report gives the first account of the location, hydrology and geology, land use, soils, topography and human settlement of the basin. 


Climate Change Adaptation