June 24, 2011

Martket study for agricultural production in the Dayi Basin, Volta Region in Ghana.

The ADAPTS project supports adaptation strategies of farmer households and communities as a reaction to climate change. The project site is the Dayi river basin (DRB), situated in Lake

Volta area bordering Togo. The adaptation strategies are in the field of natural resource use and more specifically in water management. The basin experiences a severe degradation of its ecology and a drying out of water resources. On top of that climate change, especially a decrease in rainfall, exacerbates this crisis in livelihoods and ecology Since 2008 the NGO Development Institute implements a program called Dying Rivers in Woadze community with activities in the field of livelihoods and water management. The program consisted of reforestation of up hill areas, conservation agriculture in savanna areas and irrigated agriculture near perennial streams. In 2009 the ADAPTS program developed out of this initiative, by assisting six farmer groups in increasing revenues per unit of land (especially via agroforestry and irrigated agriculture) as a measure to halt the ongoing depletion of the natural resources (vegetation and soil fertility). These elements will be incorporated into the Dayi Basin plan that is being drawn by Water Resources Commission as part of ADAPTS.

Climate Change Adaptation