Message from the Executive Director

The Development Institute (The DI) continuous to work for sustainable development, linking grass root processes and issues to policy in local communities in Africa and at the international level. Having derived more strength from the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals; The DI will work to make these goals relevant to communities within the ecosystem approaches and participatory local governance system through empowering grass root actors to realize their social, economic, political and environmental rights. Our target beneficiaries will continue to be community institutions; women and youth groups, traditional leaders and religious leaders who we will be empowered and promoted within our new strategic plan 2016-2022.     

Our strategic directions for the next 5 years will be:

(1)    Empowerment of community based organizations as agents of sustainable development through skills for good governance: - peace and development practices such as participation, conflict transformation, people-led advocacy and dialogues.

(2)    Up scaling and promoting culture, nature and agriculture based community micro business as a tool for poverty elimination, environmental security, climate change resilience, river basin management, wetlands, mountain  and biodiversity conservation; landscape approaches;mountain ecosystems. 

(3)    Promoting global citizenship through engaging in international advocacy, networking, training and cultural exchanges for global sustainable development.

We in The DI hope to be a positive influence for both policy and practice of sustainable development and we call on our partners to be part of this goal. 

On behalf of Board and staff of The DI, I take this opportunity to thank our current partners for all the support given us through the last ten years and invite them to continue to be part of this strategic plan.

Last but not least, my gratitude goes to all my colleagues, volunteers, associates and partners who have stood by us during the Accra June 3rd Floods Disaster of 2016 which destroyed all our assets and resources. I hope that we will again collectively apply ourselves actively to implement our new strategic plan for the sustainable development of communities across Africa and the world.